Sep 30 - 2020

The process starts with Kurt operating the Shoulder Box to disperse aggregate beside the road base. This is important because it maintains the integrity of the road by preventing the asphalt from cracking and falling apart.

After Kurt is done placing the aggregate, Kyle (Class of 2019) operates the Grader to flatten the surface and ensure the proper slope is in place. This is necessary to decrease the drop-off.

Nick follows up with the Angle Broom to clear away any runaway aggregate and to prepare for the compaction process.

Justin completes the process using the Roller to densify/compact material through the combined application of weight and vibration. This process increases the load-bearing capacity of the surface.

The entire job was led by our very own DI Graduate James (Class of 2012) who assumes the role of Grade Forman. Well done James, keep up the excellent work!