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Who we are

Train With The Best and Focus on Training in Real-World Scenarios.

The Dexter Institute Private Career College is part of the Municipal Group of Companies, which is comprised of numerous, complementary business units – including Dexter Construction, REgroup, Fero, MBW Courier, and TDR Transport.

As the Municipal Group continues to grow and expand its capabilities, the need for highly trained individuals only becomes greater. Through the Dexter Institute Private Career College, we are able to develop future employees for careers within our organization.

All graduates are guaranteed an offer of employment upon completion of our programs.

What We Offer


Competitive Tuition
We offer students the opportunity to hone their skills by providing high quality and competitively priced programs. We are looking for future employees, so we are prepared to invest in you.

Selective Admission
Our programs are in high demand and our admission process is competitive. All applicants will receive an initial interview, and those who score well will be invited back for a second interview. Admission is based on second round interview scores.

World Class Instructors
Our instructors have extensive backgrounds in their respective fields. This enables them to deliver the “best of both worlds” by combining academic and hands-on training.

What We Do

At the Dexter Institute Private Career College, we inspire students to discover their passions, develop a unique skillset, and build a lasting career. Our philosophy is to train the individual and to facilitate skill development and employment of all our graduates.

We employ our graduates — as all graduates are guaranteed an offer of employment with the Municipal Group of Companies. Our students leave confident that they have gained the skills and knowledge to excel in the workforce, our workforce.

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