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Meet Our Instructors

  • Leonard MacDonald 1

    Mike Courtney

    With over 20 years’ experience driving Class 1 vehicles, Mike’s ability to connect with students makes him a valuable instructor in our Class 3 driving program.

  • Leonard MacDonald 2

    Guy LeBlanc

    Guy, an experienced Off-highway Truck Operator joins our team in the off season to train and share his knowledge with our students.

  • Leonard MacDonald

    Leonard MacDonald

    Leveraging his experience as an equipment instructor, Leonard brings his well known mentoring and coaching skills to our Class 3 Driver Program.

  • Chuck Campbell 1

    Chuck Campbell

    With over 31 years of experience, Chuck's unique skillset as a driver and trainer make him the perfect person to lead our Class 3 Program.

  • Mike Slaunwhite

    Mike Slaunwhite

    Mike, our Off-Highway Truck Instructor, brings a passion to his training that fully engages students in the learning process.

  • Farley Langille

    Farley Langille

    Our highly skilled and highly respected Backhoe Instructor, Farley has over 20 years of experience as an equipment operator.

  • Larry Head 1

    Larry Head

    Larry holds the title of Dozer Instructor, and he takes great pride in being able to help develop our future operators.

  • Paul Allen

    Paul Allen

    A longtime and current Excavator Operator, Paul brings best practices from the field to every learning opportunity.

  • Richard Whitman

    Richard Whitman

    Richard, our Loader Instructor, is a highly versatile equipment operator, with experience on dozers, excavators, backhoes, loaders, graders and more.

  • Bill Ward

    Bill Ward

    Bill is an expert in grading, both on gear and as a Foreman. He brings more than 30 years of combined experience to his role of Grader Instructor.

  • Fred Norman

    Fred Norman

    An award-winning equipment operator, Fred brings over 2 decades of experience to his role as lead Heavy Equipment Instructor.

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Alumni In Action

  • Cody, Class of 2019

    Cody, 2019

    Current role: Loader Operator

  • Owen, Class of 2018

    Owen, 2018

    Current role: Project Coordinator

  • Caleb, Class of 2017

    Caleb, 2017

    Current role: Excavator Operator

  • James, Class of 2012

    James, 2012

    Current role: Foreman

  • Ethan, Class of 2019

    Ethan, 2019

    Current role: Excavator Operator

  • Kelsey, Class of 2018

    Kelsey, 2018

    Current role: Dozer Operator