Back Care

Course Description:
This course is designed to train all employees and employers who work at any type of manual lifting how to recognize the risk factors. Up to eight out of ten people suffer with back pain exceedingly painful, difficult to heal and this back pain has an effect on everything you do. Not always one incident often due to years of wear and tear. It is interesting to note from Nl WHSCC 20% of accidents involve the back, 15% of Lost Time injuries are actually back injuries and 9% of all claims are from back injuries

4 hours

Who Should Attend:
All workers and supervisors.

Learning Objectives:

  • An understand basic anatomy of the back
  • How to recognize the risk factors
  • How to change or eliminate the risk factors
  • How to recognize the common causes of back injury
  • How to use proper body mechanics and lifting techniques to prevent injury to the back
  • Know what to do if an injury occurs