Effective Presenter

Course Description:
The purpose of the two day workshop is to provide the skills needed to make effective training presentations.   The participant will be provided the opportunity to learn strategies and skills to effectively plan, organize and deliver an effective training presentation.  In addition, the participant will be exposed to the concepts of effective facilitation using skills and strategies from Brain Learning, Multiple Intelligence, Learning Styles, Cooperative Learning and Adult Learning. During the two days, the participant will have the opportunity to make four presentations.

2 days

Who Should Attend:
New / current trainers, training & delevopment practicioners.
This course will also meet the “Basic Instructional Techniques” requirement for the Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Safety Association’s Construction Safety Officer Certification program.

Learning Objectives:
Objectives –

  • Controlling the training/presentation with specific skill development in planning content, training/presentation design, and delivery
  • Controlling self as an effective trainer/presenter:
    • Anxiety and fear related to training/presenting
    • Presence and body language both verbal and non-verbal and the influence on training/presenting effectiveness
  • Controlling the environment for effective learning through effective facilitation with adult learners

Outcomes –

  • Participants will identify the elements of effective training and facilitation.
  • Participants will prepare a training presentation demonstrating skills and strategies developed during the workshop
  • Participants will compile a resource of training skills and learning strategies for incorporation in their future training presentations.

Key Concepts:

  • Understanding how we learn
  • Understand the adult learner
  • How to meet adult learners needs
  • How to organize a training session
  • How to use different methods to deliver the training
  • How to become a confident training facilitator
  • How to deal with anxiety and stress
  • How to engage the audience and hold their interest