CPR Recertification


This recertification course has been designed by St. John Ambulance to train each participant to the CPR level. The course will provide the participant with specific knowledge, skills and confidence that will enable them to recognize when first aid is needed, administer first aid at an emergency scene and recognize when more qualified help or medical help is required.

Course Duration:   
4 hours

Who Should Attend:   
Anybody who is interested in learning CPR or who is required as a condition of employment to participate in the course.

Frequency of Training:
Certification must be renewed annually.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:
Upon completion of “CPR” each participant will have an awareness of:

  • The principles of first aid and emergency scene management
  • How to perform a scene survey and a primary survey
  • How to recognize and provide first aid for shock, unconsciousness and fainting
  • How to recognize breathing emergencies and provide artificial respiration
  • How to recognize choking and provide first aid for a choking adult
  • Measures to prevent breathing emergencies in children and infants
  • How to perform mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration on a child and an infant
  • How to provide first aid for a choking child and infant
  • How to perform one-rescuer CPR on a child and infant
  • Risk factors, preventative health measures and types of cardiovascular disease
  • How to recognize a cardiovascular emergency and provide first aid
  • How to perform one-rescuer CPR for an adult casualty
  • How to perform two-rescuer CPR on an adult casualty