Introduction to Effective Accident Investigation

Course Description:
The course trains individuals in the skills of accident/incident investigation and will provide a functional mechanism for improving health and safety performance in the workplace.  The purpose of proper skills in accident investigation is not related to finding blame or assigning responsibility for the occurrence, but to determine the root causes so that proper procedures and controls can be implemented to prevent any further occurrences.

8 hours

Who Should Attend:
This course is suitable for use by anybody who has or may have responsibility for investigation of accidents or incidents in the workplace, including managers/supervisors, safety personnel and safety committee members.

Learning Objectives:

  • understand the basic accident theory “What causes accidents to occur?”
  • understand the concept of “no fault accident analysis” versus “blame culture” approach to investigations
  • understand the methods for gathering information on accidents, how to analyze the facts and how to implement solutions
  • be able to apply the six basic steps in accident investigation
  • determine the causes of accidents through applying cause analysis techniques