Planning and Scheduling

Course Description:
The planning and scheduling module introduces and discusses common obstacles and roadblocks to successful planning. Specific planning tools at critical steps of the project are reviewed. By utilizing the five key planning processes introduced, field managers are equipped with the necessary tools to plan effectively. The module also introduces the critical Path Method (CPM) with in class and take home exercises to reinforce CPM skills and knowledge.

Variable (4 hours to 3 days)

Learning Objectives:
Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the impact of successful planning on productivity
  • Understand obstacles to successful planning
  • Recognize the benefits of Critical Path Method for project scheduling
  • Utilize key planning tools including
    • Pre-Job Planning
    • Short Interval Planning
    • Daily Huddle
    • Closeout Strategy

Key Concepts:

  • Ineffective planning and scheduling has a direct impact on the bottom line
  • Reactive companies tend to have poor field productivity thus impacting the bottom line
  • Pre-Job planning, short interval planning, Daily Huddles, closeout strategies and lessons learned are critical processes that serve as the building blocks to improved labor productivity (and therefore profitability)
  • Hands-on use of the planning tools will help participants evaluate the utility of five key planning tools garnering increased buy-in and adoption
  • A critical path schedule can be an important tool in decision making to improve project success