Snowmobile Safety Theory & Practical

Course Description:
This course has been designed as an introduction to snowmobile safety. The purpose is to make participants aware of the basic operation of the snowmobile and associated safety precautions.

4 hours theory; 2 hours practical

Each participant must have their own snowmobile as well as appropriate helmet and cold weather clothing.

Who Should Attend:
Any person operating a snowmobile.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of “Snowmobile Safety” each participant will have an awareness of:

  • How to dress appropriately for the cold
  • The parts of the snowmobile and how to use the safety features
  • How to start the snowmobile and perform a pre-start check
  • How and when to drive the snowmobile sitting, standing, kneeling, posting and downhill, uphill and sidehill
  • Using appropriate hand signals while snowmobiling
  • The implications of ice, alcohol, and environmental illness and how it relates to snowmobiling