Time Management

Course Description:
The time management module provides an introduction to the top‐ten time wasting activities and how to avoid them. Participants will learn the top time savers, discover how to best leverage time and examine how to break the cycle of “always having to put out fires.” One critical aspect of time management is the ability to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities. Participants will engage in discussions surrounding their methods of organization and delegation to understand the methods used by peers and to solicit input on ways to be more effective as a leader.

4 hours

Learning Objectives:
Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of time management
  • Employ key time management principles
  • Identify time wasters
  • Utilize time management and time saving tips
  • Evaluate delegation capabilities and opportunities

Key Concepts:

  • Time Management is a critical skill that if left uncontrolled leads to significant negative impacts.
  • Techniques like delegation, planning and effective communication can save time through more effective behavior
  • Attendees will understand their role in managing time and techniques to:
    • Get Organized
    • Schedule your time for paperwork, email, and other follow up
    • Prioritize Issues