IOC Isolation Officer Theory

Course Description: 

This course is specific to IOC personnel and occasionally IOC contract workers that will have to isolate equipment in compliance with the Rio Tinto HSE Standards. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to explain how to apply the IOC lockout process.
IOC employee or if a contract worker authorization from specific IOC personnel
4 hours
Who Should Attend:
Any IOC personnel that will have to isolate equipment. Upon completion of this course and after a practical component done by IOC themselves attendees will have the designation of IOC Isolation Officers.
Any IOC contract workers that may have to isolate their own equipment (generally mobile equipment, drill rigs etc).
Learning Objectives:
  • Lockout a piece of equipment, a machine or a system by neutralizing all energy sources.
  • Perform a shift change in a safe manner.
  • Perform a safe start up without posing any danger to personnel.
  • Identify various dangerous energy sources.
  • Identify various dangerous substances.