Overhead Crane Theory & Practical

Course Description:
This course is designed to train participants in the safe operation of overhead cranes. It is designed, however, only to cover the basics of safe overhead crane operation and rigging.

4 hours

Who Should Attend:
Persons who wish to or are required to operate an overhead crane.
Section 5(b) of the NL Occupational Health and Safety Act states: “Without limitingthe generality of section 4 an employer: – shall where it is reasonably practible, provide the information, instruction, training, and supervision and facilities that are necessary to ensure the health, safety and welfare of his or her workers;

PrerequisiteRigging training

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of “Overhead Crane” each participant will have an awareness of:

  • How the overhead crane works
  • The parts of the overhead crane
  • How to inspect an overhead crane
  • Operator responsibility for the operation of the overhead crane
  • Operation safety precautions
  • How to attach, move, lift, stop and lower a load
  • Different types of slings and required inspections
  • Determining load weight
  • Rigging safety precautions
  • Hand signals